We don't just want 5 exercises to sculpt our booties. We wanna sculpt our mind into being more open, our souls into feeling this moment, our hearts into seeing the beauty in who WE ARE, our fear into courage to live out LOUD.
Join online Turn Up workouts and community!
Join online Turn Up workouts and community!
Become an Instructor and build your own empire!
Become an Instructor and build your own empire!
Participate in educational, habit transforming challenges!
Participate in educational, habit transforming challenges!
Become an ambassador of the brand and earn commission!
Become an ambassador of the brand and earn commission!

Turn Up from anywhere!

We train like athletes and perform like stars!

By being a member of the Turn Up community, you get free access to all of the workouts we do, always infused with Turn Up energy!

Dance Party
A high intensity interval training dance workout that feels like you’re going to the club with your friends! Although it works your whole body, let the beat move you and dance your heart out!
Turn Up and Tone
A heart pumping, beast mode, girl power workout that will leave you dripping in sweat, strength and swag! May use equipment to add to experience and resistance!
An amazing sweat session for going ALL THE WAY in with simple repetitive turn up combos to the beat, you will leave feeling fierce, powerful, and like you’ve taken your turn up skills to the next level!
Turn Up combines all different variations of yoga (yin, vinyasa and more) with the turn up energy to create a workout that turns things down while still turning up your soul!
Sometimes you just gotta let out the aggression, turn on your beast mode as turn up takes fight night to a whole nothaa level!
All the toning, all the sweat, all the intensity. Work your way through all kinds of circuit workouts that will test your limits and work different parts of your body!
After Dark

Get into your sexy and challenge your performance skills with this choreo breakdown class. We take a 1 minute heavily choreo’d song and break it down piece by piece, by the end you will be performing like a star! Knee pads may be a great addition when showing up for this one!

Under 30
These turn up workouts will get you right, kick your butt, and have you dripping in 30 minutes or less!
Take some time to fuel your soul and your body and stretch it out!
TU Lifestyle
Turn Up is a whole lifestyle. We want to evolve and grow in not just our fitness, but every aspect of life! Get access to the experts and their knowledge on mindset, nutrition, self love and so much more!
Instructor Library
An exclusive portal for the leaders of the turn up movement to gather all that’s necessary for a FIRE playlist that BLOWS away the audience and provides an entire turned up experience!


Evolve Unapologetically, Live Loudly, Dance Ruthlessly!


Turn Up Transforms Lives

A. Harrison
M. Brady
Dude, the Turn Up brought me back to life. I found myself again, that spark that was missing. Lost over 50lbs from dancing like I'm at the club, gained a whole tribe, I look and feel like my best self right now...

A. Harrison

Turn Up is the only workout that I've ever done where my ass has been thoroughly kicked, but I still want to do MORE when it's over! The feeling is unreal!
I lost the weight of feeling like I had to apologize for being myself in any given situation. I lost the weight of feeling that the number on the scale defined who I was or how happy I could be. I lost the weight of letting fear hold me back from so many things. I lost the weight of negative self talk and self sabotaging.

M. Brady

I was not expecting to learn as much as I did in this short time but I am more in love with this format because of all the knowledge that was shared. I loved seeing all the different women with various backgrounds come together to cheer and empower each other.
A mom of three young kids, I didn't feel comfortable in my body, I didn't feel I could show up on social media, I felt alone...I found a group of people that encouraged me to be me. Through Turn Up I now love me, I love showing up for me, and encouraging others to do the same. I'm happier and so much more confident.